Itzhak Holtz

Itzhak Holtz is a celebrated artist known for his vivid depictions of Jewish life and tradition. Born in Poland in 1925, he emigrated to Jerusalem in 1935 and later studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Holtz’s artistic journey continued in New York City, where he refined his skills at the Art Students League and National Academy of Design.

With an amazing attention to detail, Holtz’s work captures the essence of Jewish spirituality and everyday life. His paintings depict street scenes, portraits, and intimate moments, all infused with a deep sense of nostalgia and affection.

Holtz’s artwork has garnered numerous accolades and is held in high regard by art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. His dedication to representational and figurative art has resulted in a stunning oeuvre that continues to inspire and delight audiences. Itzhak Holtz passed away in Jerusalem in 2018, leaving behind a lasting legacy as a master artist and chronicler of Jewish life.