Tully Filmus

Tully Filmus (1903-1998) was a renowned American realist painter. Born Naftuli (Anatol) Filmus in Ataki, Bessarabia, he began his journey in 1903. In 1913, his parents, Michael and Eva Filmus, relocated the family to Philadelphia, shaping his early years. As a master of color blending, Filmus’s artistic talent flourished, earning him numerous accolades. His exceptional skill in portraiture led to a coveted commission: a portrait of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. This esteemed project showcased his ability to capture the essence of his subjects, further solidifying his place in the art world. Additionally, Filmus’s work is celebrated for his iconic depictions of Jewish figures and scenes, which have become known worldwide, cementing his legacy as a preeminent Jewish artist of the 20th century.